Module inkwell::support

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  • This module contains some supplemental functions for dealing with errors.


  • An owned LLVM String. Also known as a LLVM Message



  • get_llvm_versionllvm16-0 or llvm17-0 or llvm18-0
    Returns the major, minor, and patch version of the LLVM in use
  • Determines whether or not LLVM has been configured to run in multithreaded mode. (Inkwell currently does not officially support multithreaded mode)
  • Permanently load the dynamic library at the given path.
  • Permanently loads all the symbols visible inside the current program
  • Search through all previously loaded dynamic libraries for symbol.
  • This function is very unsafe. Any reference to LLVM data after this function is called will likely segfault. Probably only ever useful to call before your program ends. Might not even be absolutely necessary.