Trait inkwell::types::IntMathType[][src]

pub trait IntMathType<'ctx>: BasicType<'ctx> {
    type ValueType: IntMathValue<'ctx>;
    type MathConvType: FloatMathType<'ctx>;
    type PtrConvType: PointerMathType<'ctx>;

Represents an LLVM type that can have integer math operations applied to it.

Associated Types

type ValueType: IntMathValue<'ctx>[src]

The value instance of an int or int vector type.

type MathConvType: FloatMathType<'ctx>[src]

The type for int to float or int vector to float vector conversions.

type PtrConvType: PointerMathType<'ctx>[src]

The type for int to pointer or int vector to pointer vector conversions.

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impl<'ctx> IntMathType<'ctx> for IntType<'ctx>[src]

type ValueType = IntValue<'ctx>

type MathConvType = FloatType<'ctx>

type PtrConvType = PointerType<'ctx>

impl<'ctx> IntMathType<'ctx> for VectorType<'ctx>[src]

type ValueType = VectorValue<'ctx>

type MathConvType = VectorType<'ctx>

type PtrConvType = VectorType<'ctx>

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