Trait inkwell::values::BasicValue[][src]

pub trait BasicValue<'ctx>: AnyValue<'ctx> {
    fn as_basic_value_enum(&self) -> BasicValueEnum<'ctx> { ... }
fn as_instruction_value(&self) -> Option<InstructionValue<'ctx>> { ... }
fn get_first_use(&self) -> Option<BasicValueUse<'_>> { ... }
fn set_name(&self, name: &str) { ... } }
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Represents a basic value, which can be used both by itself, or in an AggregateValue.

Provided methods

Returns an enum containing a typed version of the BasicValue.

Most BasicValues are the byproduct of an instruction and so are convertable into an InstructionValue

Sets the name of a BasicValue. If the value is a constant, this is a noop.